Caps Collection

We have caps from all over the world from Ashbourne to Abu Dabhi and Cabra to Canberra

The Snailbox Caps Collection

Collection History

The collection was started by a loyal customer and previous owner known as “Smythy”. One night he left his cap behind him. We refused to give it back to him and hung it on the ceiling… the cap collection began!

Be a Part of the Collection

We have the largest display of baseball caps in Europe – currently over 6.000 and counting. The collection is always growing and you can add to it. In exchange for your baseball cap, we will give you one of the special Snailbox hats to add to your collection, become part of our story. We have caps from Ashbourne to Abu-Dhabi and from Bohermeen to Baghdad!

The Snailbox Caps Collection

6000 Caps Collection Gallery

Come in to visit us and trade your cap for one of our own limited edition caps!

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